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selected ARTICLES:

"Transnational solidarity with self-determination movements is more than principled — it’s a necessary strategy." War Resisters, 24 June 2021.

“What do the Students Say?” Political Violence at a Glance, 8 June 2020.

“Making New Sacrifices for our country.” The Michigan Daily, 2 Feb 2020.

“The Ideal Cosmopolitan Classroom is the Stage: on Applied Theatre 
Interventions for Perpetuating Peace in Kosovo,” Baltic Worlds, Oct. 2019. p. 12-16.


“Blackout in Kashmir: Darker Days Ahead.” w/ Saddam Hussain. Michigan Journal of International Affairs, 10 Aug 2019.

“Gun control for those who control guns.” The Michigan Daily, 19 Nov 2019.

“Expanding Security is a Call to Arms in Kosovo.” Michigan Journal of International Affairs, 21 Dec 2018.


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"An Act (against) Revenge," delivered at Stanford University, 2021.

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